Top 10 Test-Drive Tips

To ensure your test drive goes smoothly, a bit of preparation is ideal, so here’s our top ten tips to help you get the most from your test drive experience when you visit us.

10 Top Ten Test Drive Tips


Consider what kind of car you need?

Little or large? Frugal or fast? With a sunroof or a panoramic roof? Manual or automatic? Hybrid? , Front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive?

Before arranging a test-drive, consider what you’ll be using your car for. It will help you pick the best model for your needs.


Book in advance online or over the phone

With the proper procedures in place to keep everyone safe, help us maintain social distancing in our dealership by either booking online or calling ahead to arrange an appointment that is convenient.


Test the right specification model

With such a variety to choose from, be clear about the precise model you’ve got your heart set on and ask us in advance about anything you’re unsure about. With conventional petrol and Self-Charging Hybrid  now more widely available throughout the Toyota range, feel free to ask any questions you have ahead of booking. Our experienced team are here to help.


Take your time

Although you may feel at home behind the wheel right of your Toyota right away, we recommend that an hour is the right time for you to properly experience your choice of car. As we now offer unaccompanied test drives, we’ll suggest a route that enables you to test how the car performs on a good variety of roads such as a mixture of town driving and a bit of a stretch on a by-pass to give you a real feel for how the car feels as you settle in behind the wheel.


Bring the family with you

If you primarily use your new Toyota is for family use, feel free to bring everyone along. It helps you get a feel for the car’s ride comfort and performance when everyone is aboard, and the engine should power the car along effortlessly. If it struggles, you may want to ask to try a more powerful model in the range.


Have a check list during the test-drive

Does the steering wheel adjust for other drivers?

Is it possible to alter the seat base and lumbar support for your back?

Can you comfortable depress the all the pedals and is it light and easy to us?

Can you see clearly all the way around the car?

Try driving all the driving modes available. Many of our cars have several, so test how they alter the car’s behaviour

Is the suspension smooth enough for you tastes?

Try parking. Many of our vehicles have assisted parking or reversing cameras.


Does everything fit?

Take along important everyday bits of equipment, such as child seats, golf clubs or a pushchair, so you can check they fit safely and comfortably in the model you’re test-driving.

Is there somewhere to rest and charge your phone? Can you fit your favourite reusable coffee cup in the cupholder? And can you easily drop the back seats to free up more cargo space if needed?


Get to know the gadgets

From checking the connectivity of your smartphone and operating a navigation system to experiencing adaptive cruise control a, a test-drive is your opportunity to see how the car’s gadgets work to make life easier – and safer – on the road.


Remember the following

Check you are insured, we may have cover for this, but it’s worth checking. Please remember to bring your driving license and glasses if you need them for driving when you come along for a test-drive too!


Enjoy the experience

After your home, your new car will be one of the most expensive things you buy, so try and enjoy the experience and don’t be afraid to ask any one of our team for advice or assistance. We’re all here to help.



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